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Congratulate our interns—they’re graduating!

Clockwise: Annalise Bennett, Rosalie Starenko, and Salma Abdelrahman

After contributing their time and talents to the Neighborhood Design Center team, three student interns are graduating! Help us congratulate this fantastic group of women who have become part of the NDC family.

Annalise Bennett, of Shaker Heights, will graduate with a Masters of City and Regional Planning. Her work at NDC revolved primarily around the Hilltop Community Plan.

Rosalie Starenko, of Davenport, Iowa, will graduate with a Master of Landscape Architecture. Her work supported the Hilltop Community Plan, but also myriad other projects that re-imagined urban spaces.

Salma, of Hilliard, will graduate with a Bachelor’s in Architecture. Her work largely supported the Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization (NCR) program, which assists business owners in seven Columbus corridors with conceptual design projects.

With heartfelt gratitude and the warmest wishes, we look forward to their continued professional growth.


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