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BeWell Report


Starting in the fall of 2021, the University District Organization and University Area Commission sought to analyze what was happening in their own backyard. The project team wanted to understand the quality, values, and culture of everyone who interacts with the University District. As one of the most diverse and exciting areas of Columbus, understanding the perspective of its occupants is critical. These organizations tapped NDC to help design and facilitate a public engagement process and survey to take the pulse on the quality of life of the University District. This initiative led to the development of the BeWell Survey & Outreach.

From these responses, the BeWell team began to understand the specific aspects contributing to one’s definition of “quality of life” in the University District. The University District offers opportunities to enjoy life in different ways. Its setbacks, identified by respondents, can impact whether or not the experience is viable. It is up to outside groups of influence and community leaders to truly understand these perspectives before moving levers that will continue to affect the residents and visitors of this unique area.

Check out the report here:

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