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Carols on Cleveland launches

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

by Carlos Iñiguez

At Linden’s Point of Pride, you could hear bells chiming and voices coming together to welcome the holidays last December. In collaboration with the Neighborhood Design Center, the City of Columbus’s Department of Neighborhoods hosted Carols on Cleveland to bring together Linden residents and ring in the season with song. The City supported this family-friendly event with community partners to celebrate Linden families, strengthen community bonds, and facilitate the reach of existing available resources. NDC provided branding, graphics, collateral materials, and the newly designed website to serve as the central online hub for the community.

Mayor Andrew Grinther joined by Linden residents at Point of Pride during the Carols on Cleveland event. Source: NDC

Department of Neighborhoods was joined by Mayor Andrew Ginther to ring in the seasonal celebration and praise the work of community members and leaders. Caroling is naturally a bonding activity that, coupled with the spirit of the season and the opportunity in the neighborhood, delivered an inspiring event. The songbook highlighted key partners in the Linden community intended to inform what is available and to drive residents to the website. Carols on Cleveland also served as a natural launching pad for the newest super-tool for the Linden community:

The available resource categories at

The is a central online hub for Linden residents to find organizations that provide support in and to the community and is organized under twelve categories, including Educational Services, Small Business Support, and Healthcare. The website also informs the public on long-term efforts like the OneLinden Community Plan and the work of the implementation entity 614 for Linden. With a welcoming and clean user interface, effortlessly bridges gaps between community members and community anchors. Users can register their business or service and broadcast an upcoming or recurrent event.

Carols on Cleveland was made possible through the kind donations from Ena’s Caribbean Kitchen, St. Stephen’s Community House, Nationwide Children's Hospital, NNEMAP, Ohio Capital Finance Corporation Pyramid CDC, Mobile City Hall, and the Ohio History Connection Center.


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