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Celebrate 'Columbus is My Neighborhood' Heroes!

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Photography: Jehan Daugherty

In collaboration with NDC, Nonprofit Immersion Program interns and OSU students, Kendra Asiedu and Tori Burton, amplified the impact of BIPOC (black, Indigenous and people of color) Columbus natives (born or raised) committed to making their neighborhood a better place.

The Columbus is My Neighborhood Project celebrated individuals and their stories through a digital public art and social media campaign. Portraits and interviews highlight the community commitment of neighborhood leaders, offering a face and identity to activities that are often behind the scenes and hidden from public view.

Twelve individuals throughout Columbus were selected due to their leadership skills, initiative toward community improvement, and commitment to helping others reach their goals. During the month of October, black-and-white portraits of these unsung heroes were displayed on IKE Smart City kiosks around Columbus thanks to Orange Barrel Media kind donation. The portrait series was a simple but powerful expression of positivity and community commitment exhibited by Columbus natives. Throughout high-traffic areas of the city, visitors and residents alike were able to see these artful portraits, be inspired by their encouraging message, and scan QR codes to learn more.

“We just want to highlight some of the communities that some of the unsung heroes that contribute to the community, that do not get as much recognition as they deserve,” said OSU student Tori Burton.

The project recognized humble and modest leaders, like Ed Amos. For 26 years, Ed has taught tennis lessons at Wolfe Park on Columbus’ Near East Side to children from 5 to 18 years old. His long-standing commitment to youth sports was celebrated through the portrait series, elevating his service as an example of community spirit and civic engagement for others to follow.

Learn more about the 11 other outstanding individuals who were celebrated through this unique public media project, and look out for future opportunities!

Check out the NBC4 follow-up feature about the Columbus is My Neighborhood Project


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