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Kerry came to the Design Center in 2016 amidst a successful career as a Landscape Architect, eager to dive into a new and exciting professional life.  Since we plan on keeping him around for a while, we thought we should dig a little deeper into the “ins and outs” of this interesting fellow…

Where did you attend college?  I graduated with my BS in Landscape Architecture from Kansas State University in 1989.

What was your professional journey before coming to NDC?  I worked a few different places after graduation—RHAA in California, OH&H in Kansas City, and most recently MKSK in Columbus.

So, you came to NDC looking for something new and exciting… have we lived up to your expectations?  Very much so.  Still getting used to the annual turnover of interns.  We get into a wonderful groove, then they graduate and move on with their lives.  Always happy to see them succeed in school, and at the NDC, but we get attached – always bittersweet when they leave.

When you’re not at the office, where can we find you?  At a meeting.

What about outside of work-related obligations? In your free time? Running, walking the dogs, cooking, riding a motorcycle – life should be about simple pleasures.

Agreed. Of these “simple pleasures” that you speak of, would you say that you’ve become an expert at anything?  Expert? No, but can still do OK on a dirt bike considering my advanced age (laughs).

A dirt bike, eh? That’s impressive.  My mom took my brother and I to see ‘On Any Sunday’ at the drive-in in 1971.  Big mistake!  It led me straight into a lifetime love affair with anything that has two wheels and a motor.

Let’s get down to the important questions: do you watch Netflix? I do.

What are you currently watching? Twin Peaks, season 1 /2… AGAIN!

You’ve lived in Columbus for a while, so you must know about some awesome places here. What is your favorite hidden gem of the city?  It’s a toss-up.  Either my garage because it’s full of my favorite “man toys”, or Sideswipe Brewing,

What would you title your autobiography?  “What Not to Do the First Time Around”

Thanks to Kerry for entertaining our questions this month for our staff spotlight.  More  interviews to follow!



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