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Linden Plan Wraps Up with Final Community Event

On April 24, the Linden community gathered at St. Stephen’s Community House to hear a preliminary presentation of concepts developed through public input and engagement starting in March 2017. The presentation gave baseline data for Linden across five topic areas: Education & Workforce, Health & Safety, Transportation, Retail & Small Business, and Housing. The plan concepts were presented as 10 Big Ideas, using an integrated approach that combines multiple community issue areas within one transformative objective.


Following the presentation, attendees were given three stickers: green to indicate their highest priority, yellow to indicate second priority, and blue sticker to indicate third. Of the ten big ideas, the ideas that received the highest total votes were: Stabilize & Expand Housing Options (21), Connect Residents to Employment (17), and Reduce Crime & Improve Perception (13).  Stabilize & Expand Housing Options was the Big Idea with the most #1 priority votes.


The Linden Community Plan is now wrapping up and a draft will be released for review in July, followed by a final plan document in September. Residents unable to attend the April 24 event can visit to see the presentation and cast their vote to prioritize the ideas presented.


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