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Meet NDC: Our interns

Although an old cliche, teamwork (does indeed) make the dream work. Historically speaking,  the majority of the NDC team has consisted of student interns from varying design and design-related fields. Employing student interns aligns with the mission of the NDC, by inserting young minds into the process of creative solutions, exposing students to real world constraints and empowering clients to consider alternative ideas.

Currently, the NDC employs five students from varying departments within the Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University. Meet them below!


ADEEBA ARASTU   //  Architecture


Adeeba Arastu is an undergraduate architecture student and the President of the student chapter of NOMA at The Ohio State University. She is an avid traveler and is passionate about design as a tool for social justice. In her free time, Adeeba enjoys rock climbing and looking at pictures of guinea pigs.

VERA BETANCOURT  //  Architecture


Vera Betancourt is an undergraduate architecture student. She is a food enthusiast, who loves to travel and learn about different cultures. In her free time she likes to practice yoga and cook. She has a strong interest in sustainable Architecture. She believes that architecture is for the people. One of Vera’s dreams is to go back to Mexico, her native country, and help the less fortunate using sustainable design as a tool.

SARAH DAVIS   // City & Regional Planning


Sarah Davis is finishing up a dual-degree in City & Regional Planning and Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability (EEDS) with a specialization in Community Development at The Ohio State University. She is passionate about community engagement, and can’t wait to help plan equitable and sustainable cities. When not at NDC or in class, you can often find Sarah giving campus tours, teaching early morning indoor cycling classes, or raving about stellar farmers market finds.

SAYEE MUDHOLKAR  //  City & Regional Planning


Sayee Mudholkar is a masters candidate for the City and Regional Planning program at the Ohio State University and has an undergraduate degree in Architecture from Mumbai, India. She has a keen interest in urban design and community planning, and hopes to make design an integral part of planning. She loves dogs, classic rock, 90s cartoons, and is absolutely gaga over Jensen Ackles.

LINGHUI ZHANG   //   Landscape Architecture


Linghui Zhang is a student in the Masters Landscape program at the Ohio State University. She enjoys researching a site’s historic value, trying to find a balance between its deep history and potential for contemporary use. Her artistic skills continue outside her classwork – in her free time, Ling loves painting and playing flute. Ling enjoys cute things, including her signature panda dishware — her cute appearance masks her joy in teasing her coworkers.

KYLE CLARK   //   Architecture

Kyle Clark is an undergraduate architecture student at The Ohio State University. He has a desire to use design as a tool to create sustainable and affordable architecture that everyone can enjoy. When not at the NDC or busy with school work, you’ll find Kyle searching for new places to eat, playing hockey, going to the gym and traveling; but mostly eating.


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