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NDC 2017: Selected Projects

From taking on new types of projects to getting settled into a new office space, 2017 has been a landmark year for the Neighborhood Design Center. Here are a few select highlights of our activities and achievements throughout the year.

Leading the Linden Community Plan


Starting in February, the planning process for the Linden Community Plan has been a fantastic opportunity for the NDC to focus even more on Linden and the Cleveland Avenue corridor, an area of focus since our founding in 1982. The majority of our work so far has been receiving public feedback and supporting infrastructure for residents to get involved with the planning process. Moving into 2018, the work will focus more on determining strategies to address issues that working groups—led by residents—identified throughout the fall.

Designing a New Interior Space for a Mt. Vernon Avenue Business


Sculpture to Serve as Welcome into the South Side

PAMA South Side Gateway Sculpture

The Parsons Area Merchant Association (PAMA) was founded to improve the business and retail environment of the historic commercial corridor. In collaborating with NDC, community stakeholders and design professionals, these efforts continue by enhancing civic pride and sense of place for visitors and residents alike with the proposed design of a new  gateway pieces that hopes to take shape on the site in Summer of 2018. (Rendering provided by RT Design Studio)

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