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NDC Hosts Event During International Town and Gown Conference

The Neighborhood Design Center welcomed members of the International Town & Gown Association (ITGA) to our office on May 29 as part of their annual conference, hosted this year by The Ohio State University and the City of Columbus. Founded in 2008, the ITGA seeks to address challenges and discover opportunities between institutions of higher learning and the communities in which they reside.

The NDC played host to the first part of a pre-conference walking tour coordinated by Campus Partners, a nonprofit affiliate of the Ohio State University. The tour, entitled “Neighborhood Revitalization and Economic Development,” provided a perfect platform to discuss NDC’s role in revitalization efforts in partnership with the City of Columbus, OSU and other local partners.


The NDC team of staff and interns fielded a conversation with ITGA members focused around projects from:

  1. The City of Columbus-funded Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization (NCR) program, in which NDC provides design services for Interior and Storefront Improvement Grants

  2. The 2016 NDC-managed Parcels to Places competition to creatively transform Columbus’ vacant land: of the 9 competition winners, 6 projects have been completed and 2 are in-progress

  3. Recent Community Planning efforts in the Linden neighborhood, and continuing community planning work in the Hilltop



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