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November Hilltop Planning Meeting Draws Crowd

On Thursday, Nov. 8 many residents of the Hilltop area came together for the second Hilltop Community Plan working meeting. Held at the Boys & Girls Club at 85 Clarendon, the group enjoyed dinner before starting two activities. The first was an individual exercise designed to understand the future aspirations residents have for their neighborhood. Vision 2038 asked participants to imagine moving away from the Hilltop for 20 years and returning. How would they want the community to look? What would they like to stay the same? What would they like to be different? Results from this exercise can be viewed here.

Next, residents were asked to join small groups to discuss re-using vacant parcels throughout the community. Parcels ranged from formerly-residential lots on interior streets (like Oakley) to more commercially-oriented corner sites along Broad and Sullivant. Participants weighed the needs and desires of their group and selected one or multiple options that they would like to see on that site. In all there were eight sites for groups to consider. Results of this exercise can be viewed here.

The next Hilltop Community Plan meeting will be on Thursday, Dec. 13. The meeting schedule for 2019 will be released in the next couple of weeks—stay tuned!


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