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On the Boards: Summer 2020

While COVID-19 has had an impact on where we work and how we interface with clients, it has not had an impact on our mission to empower and strengthen communities. From interior visioning to community planning, here’s a peek at a few projects we’ve been working on.

Urbancrest Infill Development – Planning

Village of Urbancrest, Urbancrest, OH

Capacity Study, Planning

A community planning process is underway in the Village of Urbancrest led by Franklin County Economic Development and the Central Ohio Community Investment Corporation (COCIC). The Neighborhood Design Center is preparing capacity studies to envision how currently vacant sections of the village could develop in the future.

OhioMeans Jobs Center – Interior Visioning

Near East Side of Columbus

Space Planning, Interior Design

Looking to create a more inviting space, the NDC is working with the Workforce Development Board of Central Ohio (WBDCO) to reimagine the OhioMeansJobs Columbus-Franklin County Job Center. Interior visioning helps WBDCO and their partner organizations conceptualize possibilities to better serve their customers in a socially distanced Covid-19 world and in the future.

Hilltop Bank Block – Visioning

Hilltop, Columbus

Interior Design, Exterior Visioning, Site Visioning

NDC recently completed a block study for the developers of the historic Hilltop Bank Block. Studies for the block, located on W. Broad Street between N. Oakley and N. Wayne Avenue, looked at an array of interior, exterior and site solutions for redevelopment. The project was supported by the City of Columbus’ Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization Program. See more images of the project.



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