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OneLinden featured at Design Week 2019

To kickoff Design Week 2019, the Center for Architecture and Design (CFAD) requested submissions to explore the topic of ReUrbanism. Projects were to feature ideas of Restoration, Re-Use, Renewal, Rejuvenation, and Revitalization. The Neighborhood Design Center submitted a concept capturing the 18-month planning process and resulting OneLinden Plan onto a single board. The final graphic illustrates factors that led to community decline, how Linden differs from other parts of the city, the resident engagement process, project milestones, the Ten Big Ideas to holistically address community need, and what initiatives are currently underway in the community. The OneLinden plan is representative of ReUrbanism by comprehensively exploring all aspects of community need, and opportunities for revitalization thru the lens of existing residents.

The ReUrbanism panel discussion that occurred on October 21st. Kerry Reeds, Director of Urban Design and Planning, gave a brief presentation of the OneLinden plan and the efforts undertaken to complete it.

In addition to ReUrbanism exhibit and panel discussion, the CFAD hosted numerous award galas and Mini Camp Architecture during the month of October. The NDC is grateful to the Columbus CFAD for featuring our work and allowing us to present the OneLinden Plan. Learn more about the OneLinden plan at


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