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Project Spotlight: Partnerships Envision Re-Development Possibilities

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

LC Johnson, Zora's House (L) and Erin Prosser, Campus Partners (R)

In celebrating 38 years of ensuring design as a right, not a privilege in communities throughout Central Ohio, join us in a conversation with Erin Prosser, Director of Community Development at Campus Partners and LC Johnson, Executive Director of Zora’s House, about redevelopment in Weinland Park and NDC’s involvement in envisioning new possibilities for a vacant site.

NDC has provided visioning services to local businesses, community and civic organizations since it’s inception in 1982. We advocate for redevelopment in overlooked neighborhoods and utilize our services to paint future-forward visions of what can be — to help businesses and neighborhoods dream big, ideate their vision, and make it a reality.


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