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Project Spotlight: Public Art Continues Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

In keeping with themes of student experience, collaboration, and equitable design as part of our #DiscoverNDC series, we wanted to take a moment to spotlight the role of public art in broader conversations around diversity and inclusion.

Above: Proposed mural concepts from the three competition winners.

Over the past 38 years, the NDC has worked to provide access to high quality design, planning and engagement to undeserved communities believing that design is a right, not a privilege. Our continued partnership with the Nonprofit Immersion Program (NPIP) at The Ohio State University provided our interns an opportunity to use public art as a forum for a broader conversation about how we truly move towards a more inclusive world.

Hear more about the competition from our NPIP intern, Jenna Paskey (Fifth Year in Public Affairs, Leadership and Management; Minor in International Development)) and one of the selected artists, Arvcúken Noquisi (Second Year, Moving Image Production and Sonic Arts).

About the Nonprofit Immersion Program

NPIP matches OSU undergraduate students with local nonprofit organizations in an immersive environment for a deeper insight into the inner workings of nonprofits. Students are placed with an organization for the academic year, serving as non-voting members of the organization board and volunteering with the organization to understand the day-to-day programs and services offered. Students also identify, design and implement a comprehensive project aimed to fulfill the needs of the organization.

About the NPIP Mural Competition

The aim of the competition was to represent the spectrum of student experiences of diversity and inclusion on OSU’s campus through art. Applicants were asked to submit proposals for review by an Art Advisory Panel of OSU representatives and students, and community voices. After deliberation, three student artists were selected to execute their ideas: Mia Miller (Second year in International Studies), Arvcúken Noquisi and Anne Knellinger (Third year in Visual Communication Design) with the final pieces installed at the Gateway later this fall.


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