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Remember the Big Give? Here’s the impact your gift made on the Olentangy River!

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

During the Big Give, we asked you to donate to the partnership for the Olentangy River Vision Plan (ORVP), Friends of the Lower Olentangy (FLOW), Implement, and the Neighborhood Design Center (NDC) to support student work. We raised enough funds to support one student’s efforts on the project this summer, and we’re ready to share the results!

Kailey Hwang produced fun and useful graphics to communicate the unique attributes of watersheds and encourage positive behaviors that will contribute to riparian health. Her work will be used by FLOW during outreach efforts to discuss strategies with diverse constituencies throughout the Olentangy River watershed.

While the project was only able to sponsor one student this summer, the goal for 2021 is to fund two students. We’re hoping to build on the efforts of this partnership!

200 native trees
1200 online votes

What did the Summer Fellow do?

Under the direction of Jason Kentner, who is donating his time, the student worked on a range of tasks aimed mostly at engaging the public with informational graphics, educational materials, and concept images based on public suggestions illustrating ideas large and small. In addition, the student continued the social media campaign through the summer into the fall.

Additionally, the project team built a social media campaign, distributed more than 200 native trees, sponsored a student design competition that received more than 1200 online votes, and produced a documentary highlighting the project and advocacy efforts of Friends of the Lower Olentangy (FLOW), Franklin County Soil & Water Conservation District, and the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission. When plans for an Earth Day event were cancelled, summer outreach efforts were re-doubled.

Watch the ORVP Project Video!


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