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Student Feature: Community Planning Studios


Students presenting project findings from a youth engagement activity in Spring 2019

Community planning efforts by the NDC in the Linden and Hilltop neighborhoods have created an avenue for collaboration between the NDC and the Knowlton School of Architecture’s City and Regional Planning Department, through studio work targeting these two neighborhoods.

During the 2017-18 academic year, students explored a variety of topics ranging from food access and alley revitalization to the creation of a housing assessment tool and community land trust for Linden.

Linden Studio combined image.jpg

Linden re-development proposal (left), Youth engagement activity with Linden students (right)

Similar efforts have continued into the 2018-19 academic year, shifting focus on opportunities in the Hilltop. Students explored topics including age-friendly development strategies, parking challenges within central business districts and creative placemaking.

The enthusiasm and thoughtful efforts of the students have been an invaluable asset to the planning processes.  Both NDC and the City and Regional Planning program are excited about this partnership and look forward to continuing it as we move forward.


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