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We closed out October with a fun Hilltop project!

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Irie Jamerican Cuisine: Before and after NDC intervention on Oct. 31, 2020

Earlier this year, we finished the Hilltop Community Plan with the Department of Neighborhoods (City of Columbus). Called EnvisionHilltop, the plan lays out 27 goals with dozens of action steps that will help create a more vibrant and equitable neighborhood.

Last Saturday, we took a small step toward one of those goals by working on beautification of a Hilltop business.

Goal Ten: Reinforce and strengthen key gateways into the neighborhood

Working with the owner of Irie Jamerican Cuisine (2384 Sullivant Avenue, at the intersection with Oakley Avenue) the NDC team came together to add picnic tables, planters, and a fresh coat of paint to a retaining wall. The initiative was supported by funding from the City of Columbus, targeted toward the Hilltop neighborhood as an extension of NDC’s work on the EnvisionHilltop plan—helping bring one part of the plan to fruition.

The goals of the project were to improve the curb appeal of Irie Jamerican while supporting increased seasonal outdoor seating opportunity. The installation of three cedar picnic tables will allow customers to eat on-site rather than only take-away. Large planters provide a visual and physical buffer between busy Sullivant Avenue and the seating area. The planters were filled with winter-appropriate varieties, like evergreens and winter cabbage. A crumbling retaining wall on the western edge of the property was sanded and painted to match the Jamaican-flag theme of the restaurant.

We hope to do more projects like this soon! In the meantime, head over to the Hilltop and grab lunch at Irie sometime soon to check out the changes. Parking is available along Oakley, or across the street along Sullivant Avenue.


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