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Demonstrating the Ability of Neighborhoods to Begin Transformations

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Power of One Businesses We've Worked With

We Amplify Voices celebrates their new location with a ribbon cutting ceremony

A little effort can go a long way in the ever-evolving landscape of urban neighborhoods. The Power of One program exemplifies this idea, offering design and implementation support to small businesses needing a facelift. The program's objective is to provide low-cost, high-impact solutions to enhance the curb appeal of local establishments. These projects promote a sense of place and empower businesses to continue to anchor their community. The Power of One is focused on exterior improvements only, designed in collaboration with the business owner and implemented by the small businesses with the support of vendors and volunteers. This enhanced pedestrian experience can have a positive ripple effect, humming the streets and impacting community livability.

Ava's Taste of Caribbean Food Truck opened the Brick-and-Mortar Ava's BBQ on West Broad

Priority is given to businesses in opportunity neighborhoods where transformation is needed most. The program selects ten businesses to support each cycle, with a total possible investment of $15,000. This investment is a catalyst for positive change – even small changes can have a profound impact. Eligible exterior improvements include lighting, public art, signage, furnishings, paint, awnings, umbrellas, and plantings. These improvements breathe new life into the storefronts and create a more vibrant atmosphere for the community. The transformation can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint or as elaborate as eye-catching super graphics - the key is making an impact while staying within budget.

The primary goal of the program is to provide support to local brick-and-mortar businesses, helping them prosper within their communities. Inspired by the concept of tactical urbanism, which involves making significant improvements on a modest budget and using a customizable set of components to enhance street frontage. We've developed a clear and organized timeline rooted in our pilot year experience. This timeline starts with outreach and business recruitment, followed by careful planning, design, and implementation. This methodical approach guarantees we can successfully execute the program within a year.

Shrimp Lips received a facelift, including a fresh coat of paint and a scale pattern

The businesses we've worked with exemplify the power of this program. They've all witnessed significant transformations. Whether it's a new awning, planters, outdoor seating, or captivating super graphics, each business received tailored solutions to enhance its storefronts. These changes not only attract more customers but also create a more vibrant and attractive neighborhood. The Power of One is an inspiration for change. This program showcases the extraordinary results that can be achieved when we channel our collective efforts toward creating a better, more vibrant community. We invite you to visit these amazing local businesses and stay tuned for more stories of transformation and renewal in the heart of our neighborhoods with our 2023-24 grantees!

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