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2023 Intern Spotlight

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

From left Priyanka Chowdhury, Elsie-Almodovar-Reyes, Haylee Zavaski, and and Dani Berno.

Interns are a pivotal part of the team at the Neighborhood Design Center, and we wanted to take a moment to spotlight some of the talented individuals who joined us this year. Interns represented a wide array of majors, including Fine Arts, Landscape Architecture, Planning, Architecture, Economics, and Philosophy. We're so grateful to have had Priyanka Chowdhury (M. Fine Arts '24, OSU), Dani Berno (M. Architecture '24, Carleton University), Elsie Almodovar-Reyes (M. Landscape Architecture '24, OSU), and Haylee Zavaski (B.A Philosophy/B.S. Economics '24, OSU) join us this summer, and invite you to learn a bit more about our current interns below.

Lauren Haines is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture. Lauren is passionate about the intersection of art, technology, and culture, and seeks to design public spaces that strengthen communities. Lauren is on the executive board for both SCASLA and for the Art and Resilience student organization. Lauren joined us in January of 2023. Her favorite project she has worked on here has been Power of One. She also learned how to animate during her time here and has enjoyed making content for social media. Lauren likes to stay creative after work by listening to music, trying new foods, and experimenting with different creative mediums.

Mikey Mlakar, our most recent addition, is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture at The Ohio State University. Mikey is interested in the intersection of design, planning, and civic engagement and is excited to explore interdisciplinary work during her time here. She currently serves as the President of the Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (SCASLA). In her role, Mikey has coordinated an installation promoting greenspace and has led volunteer efforts in the community. Her work through SCASLA demonstrates her passion for sustainable and equitable design. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends – especially outdoors.

Miguel Soto is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture at The Ohio State University. He is interested in the interaction between people and their environment, and the expression of that relationship in urban design. Miguel joined us in March of 2023. In his time here, he has been essential in developing concept design projects. Miguel has especially enjoyed working on Power of One, finding satisfaction in the design to implementation process. Outside of the office, Miguel stays active through fitness and sports.

Pranav Naukudkar is pursuing a dual degree – a Master of Landscape Architecture and a Master of City and Regional Planning. Pranav joined us during the summer when the Youth CoLab program was in full swing. He is grateful to have participated in the implementation of the design for the program. Pranav realized during his undergraduate education in architecture his passion for urban design, sustainability, and communities. Pranav understands the built environment as the product of the three disciplines he has studied. Pranav’s academic journey is fueled by his drive to have a positive impact on the built environment.


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