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Where are Franklin County’s whitest neighborhoods?

Racial segregation and disparities have been in the news lately due to the growing Black Lives Matter movement. These issues, however, aren’t new. And while police brutality is the immediate issue at hand, there are many other facets of life where African-Americans face challenges: one is living in high-amenity and high-opportunity neighborhoods.

The top five most and least white areas are generally distant from one another and separated by significant physical and jurisdictional boundaries. White areas are more segregated than non-white areas, as illustrated by the data in the tables below.

Many white people may not consider their neighborhoods to be segregated, but what other term can describe a place with 99.1% of just one race? On the other hand, non-white neighborhoods have more diversity, with a majority Black population in the least-white area of just 84.7%. This indicates that exclusively white areas may have more effective mechanisms to preserve racial segregation than non-white areas. Essentially, white people are very good at keeping their neighborhoods white.

Top Five Most White Census Tracts in Franklin County, ACS 2018

Top Five Least White Census Tracts in Franklin County, ACS 2018

All of the least-white areas in Franklin County are within the Columbus City School (CCS) district, while just two of the most-white census tracts are in CCS—both in Clintonville.


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