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Say Hello to Our New Interns!

If you stop by the NDC, you’ll probably notice a few new faces around the office. NDC is always fortunate and delighted to have such talented students on our team since their talent, perspective and enthusiasm are truly the engine moving our mission forward.

Please help us in welcoming our new (and continuing) interns and stay tuned for more office happenings!


Salma is an Architecture student at the Ohio State University. She’s curious about the human brain and how design interacts with it. Her goal is to help less privileged members of the community feel safe and happy. Salma spends her free time reading, drawing, and pulling pranks on her parents!


Annalise is a City and Regional Planning student at the Ohio State University. She loves to analyze the space around her regarding its design, functionality, comfort, and accessibility in order to determine what makes urban spaces successful and what doesn’t. Her main interest is in equity planning, which involves creating policies and redistributing resources in order to put residents on a level playing field; this ensures that they all have access to the same opportunities and the ability to thrive, regardless of socioeconomic status. Annalise likes to spend her free time reading, playing video games, and cuddling with her cats.


Rosalie Starenko is a student in the Master of Landscape Architecture program at the Ohio State University and holds Bachelors of Arts in Geography and Spanish. She is passionate about using design and planning as a tool for social justice, especially in urban landscapes of the Midwest, and enjoys working with spatial data and mapping projects. In her free time, Rosalie likes to make nice dinners with her partner, knit, draw, and spend time fantasizing about her future garden.


Samantha is a City and Regional Planning student at The Ohio State University. She holds an A.S. in Geography. Her passions in city planning are focused around renewable energy solutions and implementations. She also has a great interest in green building and the integration of nature and the city. In her off time, she likes to spend quality time with her boyfriend and cats, as well as play video games, watch anime & movies, and doodle.


Malena is an architecture major and city & regional planning minor at the Ohio State University. Her interests within design revolve mainly around ensuring that good design is accessible to all and that it’s actualized in an environmentally conscious way. When she’s not in studio she likes to read, collage, do yoga occasionally, and experiment with fermenting foods.


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