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Small-scale interventions that ripple through communities uplifting city life

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Visioning for improving the outdoor spaces of small businesses

Positive and transformative impact on a community can be small and budget-friendly, using elements that bring life to a street and makes the neighborhood feels welcoming. The desired outcome is an outsized effect on city living. Based on this premise, The City of Columbus, through the Department of Development and in partnership with the Neighborhood Design Center (NDC), created the Power of One.

This pilot program sought to award qualifying local businesses located in the urban corridors of Columbus a one-time grant of $15,000 for design services and implementation of eligible exterior improvements. The program's goal is to support businesses throughout the city, in low to moderate-income areas, by beautifying the exterior of their business. Some examples of this may include landscape design, lighting, outdoor furniture, outdoor art, painting and decals, and outdoor signage.

During this Summer, NDC visited approximately fifteen businesses. After an initial assessment, and once the business owner was on board, the NDC provided design concepts and is currently working to facilitate support from the applicable neighborhood review board (Area Commission) and approval from the City’s departments. Stay tuned, and we hope you enjoy the results as patrons!


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